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Hidden Benefits of Help Desk Outsourcing: Auxis Center of Excellence Spotlight

April 27, 2022 12:00 pm

Running a high-performance Service Desk requires IT organizations to develop multiple capabilities around Knowledge Management, Training, Quality, Reporting & Innovation that they typically lack the scale, focus, or money to build and maintain on their own.

A lot of CIOs that are looking to outsource their help desk initially target the very obvious pain points that outsourcing can solve for them, including the rising IT labor costs and talent shortages in the US. But what about quality and continuous improvement?

Watch our webinar recap to learn the key hidden benefits of help desk outsourcing and how organizations are leveraging Auxis’ Help Desk Center of Excellence (“CoE”) to get the required supporting functions that they cannot afford to ensure steady and reliable levels of service

What you will learn:

  • Most common challenges of managing your help desk in-house
  • Benefits of outsourcing – the obvious and not so obvious
  • The Help Desk CoE supporting functions your outsourcer should be able to bring:
    • Knowledge Management
    • Training
    • Workforce Management
    • Quality Assurance
    • Reporting
    • Innovation
    • Real-world case studies of how multiple leading organizations are leveraging Auxis’ CoE in Costa Rica and Colombia