Webinar Recap

Still Running Your Help Desk In-House? Maybe It’s Time to Consider Outsourcing

Running a high-performing Service Desk should be one of the top priorities of any CIO as the reputation of the whole IT organization typically depends on how well end-users perceive the service.

IT leaders are increasingly considering outsourcing their help desk function to achieve these higher levels of performance faster and more cost-effectively. With North American Help Desks experiencing a whopping turnover of 40%+ per year, investment in help desk services is increasing from 25% to 50% nationwide in an attempt to deal with retention and quality issues.

Watch this webinar recap to learn the key reasons why outsourcing might be the right fit for your organization and what it takes to outsource for long-term success!




What you will learn:

  • Key challenges in Help Desk Operations and How Outsourcing Can Help Solve Them
    • Turnover
    • Service Inconsistency
    • Limited Hours of Operation
    • Lack of Automation
    • End-User Productivity Loss
    • Limited Bandwidth to Focus on Innovation
  • How to benchmark the performance of your existing operation
  • What to look for in your outsourcing partner
  • How to structure a successful outsourcing migration
  • Latin America as an emerging destination for outsourcing
    • Spotlight on Costa Rica
  • Real-world outsourcing success stories
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