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Help Desk Outsourcing On The Rise: Keys to a Successful Implementation

The importance of a well-run Help Desk to the overall reputation of the IT department within your user community should not be underestimated. These interactions are often the primary “face” of IT to the business and if not done right can undermine all the great things IT does that are not as visible.

Especially after COVID, many IT executives have realized that Help Desk is not an area that will move the needle in terms of competitive advantage for their business, which means it often doesn’t get the attention required to meet user expectations.

In an effort to improve service quality, consistency and scalability, more and more CIOs are looking into outsourcing their help desk to a trusted ITO partner. Watch this session to learn practical insights on what it takes to outsource your Help Desk for long-term success, and key considerations to watch out for when selecting your outsourcing partner.




Key topics for discussion:

  • Key benefits to expect from outsourcing your Help Desk and how to position its value
  • How to benchmark the performance of your current Help Desk Operation to identify optimization opportunities as part of your outsourcing migration
  • Most common misconceptions and mistakes buyers make when looking into outsourcing
    • The myth of the lowest cost per ticket
    • 24×7 coverage – do you really need it and can you afford it?
    • The importance of defining clear service levels and expectations
  • Key automation tools and capabilities to look for in your outsourcing partner
  • Location alternatives – onshore vs. nearshore vs offshore
    • Costa Rica as a top destination for Global Service Desk Operations
  • How to structure a successful outsourcing migration
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