Webinar Recap

Creating Value with Finance Nearshore Outsourcing Why CFOs Should Take a Closer Look

CFOs are under increasing pressure to optimize cost, improve productivity, and increase their team’s focus on value-creation activities such as analytics and customer insights. Still, the average Finance Department spends more than 75 percent of its time on transactional tasks.

Outsourcing done right has proven to be a successful method for organizations across all sizes and industries to modernize their finance departments and meet these demanding expectations. With 83% of organizations already supporting their F&A operation from a shared services or outsourcing model, companies are increasingly relying on their outsourcing provider to bring innovation, new technologies, and best practices to drive greater productivity efficiencies.

But what does outsourcing “done right” really mean?




What was covered:

  • Find out the labor savings and efficiency opportunities from outsourcing
  • Discover the advantages of nearshoring vs. Asia-based model
  • Gain a clear understanding of what to look for in your ideal outsourcing provider
  • Learn real-world success stories across different industries and sizes
  • Obtain a proven methodology to identify and quantify the outsourcing opportunities in your organization
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