Webina Recap

Building Your UiPath Automation CoE: How to Leverage Nearshore Talent to Boost Your Performance

With over 40% of companies world-wide increasing their use of software bots in response to the pandemic, “AI Specialist” and “Robotic Engineer” are the top two fastest emerging jobs in LinkedIn. The average RPA salary in the US is $104K per year, with entry level positions starting at $90K while most experienced workers make up to $126K/year.

Watch this recap to learn real-world perspectives on how other organizations are dealing with automation talent shortages and structuring their RPA CoEs using a combination of onshore and nearshore talent from Latin America to benefit from the collaboration and higher quality that comes from being under the same time zone to the US.




What you will learn:

  • The challenges created by talent shortages in the US and the rising cost of automation resources
  • Pros/cons of RPA development onshore vs offshore vs nearshore
  • How leading companies are leveraging LATAM to source their UiPath teams
  • Defining the right balance of in-house versus 3rd party support for your CoE
  • Best practices for upskilling your employees in RPA
  • Key considerations for selecting your UiPath Partner
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