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Shape Up or Die: How Customer Centric Organizations Remain the Most Fit

Recorded: August 7, 2014
Presenter: Ricardo Villeda

Some companies go through a cycle of inception, growth, decline, and then demise. Their demise is sometimes blamed on a poor economy or fickle consumer demands. However, the inability to effectively direct its resources to solve specific customer needs is often the true death knell for many organizations. Without deliberate actions to continuously enhance the customer experience, many organizations cease to exist.

In this webinar Ricardo Villeda, Auxis Performance Improvement Practice Manager provides insights on why adopting a Customer Centric Strategy is a critical success factor in today’s hyper-competitive business environment. Topics covered include:

How traditional organizational structures and incentives can inhibit true customer focus

Why a successful customer centric strategy often demands a change of processes and employee culture

How to start on your journey to become a Customer Focused organization

If you’re interested in more profitable growth by engaging your customers in more effective ways, we invite you to watch this webinar.