Resource Center IT Outsourcing Case Study: Auxis Maximizes Performance for a Fast-Growing Franchising Organization

IT Outsourcing Case Study: Auxis Maximizes Performance for a Fast-Growing Franchising Organization

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25 Year Anniversary

Auxis' IT Outsourcing Case Study


Our private equity-backed client has operated as a leading franchisor of commercial cleaning services for more than 35 years. Based in South Florida, its network includes more than 8,000 franchised businesses servicing more than 50,000 customers across 90 global markets. Estimated annual revenue is more than $70 million.


As the client’s business rapidly grew and additional services were added, its small, internal IT Department quickly became a pain point:

IT Outsourcing Challenges: 1

IT operated in firefighting mode, lacking enough resources, structure, tools, performance metrics, or operating visibility to handle business growth.

IT Outsourcing Challenges: 2

With no structured processes or documentation, IT operations were people-dependent - reliant on knowledge retained by a single employee to complete many tasks. That created high risk: the organization suffered a loss of valuable skills, experience, and expertise if the person left or even didn’t come into work for a few days.

IT Outsourcing Challenges: 3

With IT spending at 0.8% of revenue, the client was significantly underspending on its IT function – about 50% less than similar midsize companies, according to benchmarking data. Generally, IT budgets that are less than 1% of revenue indicate immature IT organizations with multiple risk factors, including understaffing for most internal IT functions. The client had money to invest in IT, but internal IT staff lacked expertise and were too consumed by day-to-day operations to focus on innovation or improvements.

IT Outsourcing Challenges: 4

IT needed to provide technical support to an ever-increasing number of franchises across different time zones. However, without a dedicated help desk, support calls were routed to an on-call cell number that was inconsistently monitored. Tickets were not logged or tracked in the proper Infrastructure Technology Service Management (ITSM) tool, service levels were poor, often frustrating users with prolonged response times, inadequate schedules, an outdated knowledge base, and limited documentation or metrics.

IT Outsourcing Challenges: 5

Without proper planning, the company’s IT infrastructure had grown bloated, outdated, and overly complex, with diverse systems spread across many locations that created a challenge for IT support. Many groups had developed manual workarounds and operations to accommodate technology gaps.

IT Outsourcing Challenges: 6

Infrastructure was dated and inefficient with a lot of opportunities for consolidation and refresh.

IT Outsourcing Challenges: 7

Security practices were not sufficient to provide a secure computing environment.


To keep pace with its rapid growth and overcome its pressing gaps, the client opted to outsource its infrastructure monitoring and management, service desk, and desktop support to Auxis.

Auxis performed an assessment to identify gaps regarding infrastructure controls, current technologies, and service desk best practices. The resulting IT outsourcing model included key improvements like:

IT Outsourcing Case Study: ITIL Adoption

Adoption of the ITIL standard process framework, using best practices to implement repeatable IT processes and procedures that manage efforts and align to business priorities.

IT Outsourcing Case Study: Crear IT documentation

Clear documentation of IT infrastructure architecture, as well as governance and operational processes and procedures.

IT Outsourcing Case Study: Simplifying IT Infrastructure

Simplifying and Consolidating the complex IT infrastructure environment by decommissioning about 60% of the physical servers scattered around the country. The remaining servers were modernized into centralized virtual machines, creating standardization that made them easier to support.

IT Outsourcing Case Study: High Performance

Replacing the client’s reactive technical support approach with a proactive, 24x7x365, high-performance service desk staffed by skilled and redundant resources. Auxis used the IT best practices framework to increase the maturity level of support and identify and resolve issues promptly.

IT Outsourcing Case Study: SysAid Service

Implementing the robust SysAid service management tool to track, monitor and report ticket performance, stemming from infrastructure, the service desk, and desktop support.

IT Outsourcing Case Study: Modern Toolset

Modernizing the client’s email and calendaring toolset by moving it from an outdated Microsoft Exchange platform to the cloud-based Microsoft 365 productivity toolset.

IT Outsourcing Case Study: Data Backups

Ensuring up-to-date, off-site and reliable data backups by migrating them from on-premises servers to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

IT Outsourcing Case Study: Strong Security

Implementing strong security awareness training for end-users to reduce exposure to security breaches triggered by malicious emails.

IT Outsourcing Case Study: Improved Infrastructure Performance

Improving infrastructure performance by implementing 24x7 monitoring of system availability and health.

IT Outsourcing Case Study: Clear Visibility and Metrics

Providing clear visibility and metrics based on robust SLAs to ensure optimal IT performance and quickly address issues.

Coverall case study


Auxis continues to deliver trusted IT outsourcing services that maximize the performance and scalability of the client’s infrastructure operations and technical support which reflects in the client’s decision to renew its Managed services contract for another period.

Key results include:

IT Outsourcing Case Study: Capacity & Scalability

Increased Capacity & Scalability

With best practices and deep experience optimizing IT processes for a wealth of clients, Auxis created process-dependent IT operations that can be performed by any technical staff. They are easy to scale as the business grows.

IT Outsourcing Case Study: Right-sized staffing

Right-sized staffing eliminates firefighting mode

Auxis quadrupled the size of the client’s IT organization following the IT best practices framework, adding key roles like QA for the larger service desk and a dedicated NOC (Network Operations Center) team. With certified and highly specialized experts in place, Auxis has been able to ensure optimized, highly secure, and scalable IT infrastructure and fast, proactive support resolutions.

IT Outsourcing Case Study: 20% lower costs

20% lower infrastructure and outsourcing costs

Eliminating unnecessary server infrastructure and modernizing to virtual machines enabled the client to significantly reduce the cost of infrastructure management services. It also eliminated the burden and expense of maintaining physical servers.

Native ITO

IT Outsourcing Case Study: 24x7 infrastructure monitoring

20% fewer technical support tickets

With proactive 24x7 infrastructure monitoring and service desk practices, Auxis was able to achieve a significant 20% reduction in incidents and requests requiring support.

IT Outsourcing Case Study: Cloud backups

Cloud backups enable reliable disaster recovery

Even when following best practices, on-premises backups can’t match the redundancy and durability of cloud solutions. After a weekend infrastructure issue, Auxis was able to recover lost data from cloud backups in Azure. Nearly all systems were restored before work began Monday and end-users noticed a problem.

IT Outsourcing Case Study:  Well-controlled IT operations

Internal IT staff focused on higher-value initiatives

With peace of mind that IT operations are well-controlled, internal teams have the bandwidth to focus on higher-value initiatives like innovation and technology-led enablement that drives business growth.

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