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Jose Alvarez

Jose leads our IT Outsourcing and Solutions practice and has extensive experience always delivering best practices. His expertise includes IT strategic planning, cost control programs, emerging technologies, IT operations and infrastructure management.
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Recent Posts

2/26/20 4:01 PM

The New Intelligent Network Operation Center (NOC)

A Network Operations Center (NOC) is a location where IT professionals can support, monitor and maintain networks and data centers. The NOC is the center of software distribution, network...

10/1/18 5:48 PM

AWS Leads the Pack in Cloud Services

The demand for cloud services continues to soar. Gone are the days when “the cloud” was simply a mysterious space to be feared or a worn-out buzzword to be ignored.Today’s executives are increasingly...

8/27/18 1:40 PM

4 Ways to Get Real ROI From Your Cloud Computing Investment

Millions of organizations have now adopted cloud computing, but many are still missing out on the full spectrum of benefits that the cloud can deliver. The truth is, many executives wrongly believe...

12/22/17 3:11 PM

6 Tips to Optimize Your IT Budget (Articles included)

According to the latest forecast by Gartner, worldwide IT spending is projected to total $3.7 trillion in 2018, an increase of 4.3 percent from 2017 estimated spending of $3.5 trillion. In a recent...

8/8/17 8:45 AM

7 Benefits of ITIL Service Management Implementation

In today's rapidly changing world of technology, businesses must be flexible and agile to adapt quickly when delivering critical IT services or risk getting left behind. This means setting up a wide...

7/19/17 9:16 AM

Why Securing Your AWS Applications Can't Wait

It’s well understood that securing your AWS cloud applications is important and that it needs to be front and center. This is especially true for companies that primarily generate business through...

7/5/17 11:22 AM

How to Overcome The 5 Most Common Cloud Migration Challenges

So, you made the leap and picked the right cloud provider or providers to migrate your workloads to, and everything is all set. NOT REALLY.

6/14/17 11:49 AM

AWS vs Azure: Which one is best for your business?

While many organizations have already moved at least some of their business workloads to public cloud infrastructure, some of you are just beginning the journey. The benefits are clear: elimination...

5/16/17 3:54 PM

How Has IT Security Changed With The Cloud?

There's no question that IT security trends are constantly changing. For instance, think back to early 2000’s when we had applications running on physical servers in an on-premises datacenter. Basic...

7/24/16 10:56 AM

Top 3 Common Help Desk Problems and Solutions

It’s one thing to have to wait in long hold queues when you’re calling your cable company for help desk services, but quite another when you’re being asked to hold from within your own company, 

3/4/16 10:00 AM

How Can Enterprises Benefit From the Cloud?

Nearly half of medium and large enterprises in the US (47%) ranked increased efficiency as the main benefit of cloud infrastructure usage, according to a new survey of 300 enterprises conducted by...

2/1/16 4:27 PM

Retail Giant Blasts Through Black Friday Goals (Powered by Auxis)

Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S.  – commonly known as “Black Friday” – is viewed as a kickoff to the busiest shopping season of the year, leading up to Christmas.  For many...

12/22/15 10:25 AM

Explore Amazon S3 Benefits: Flexible, Scalable And Secure

Recently, our own Jose Alvarez, Director of Managed Services, spoke to the research firm Clutch, providing feedback on the use and implementation of Amazon S3 service. Obviously, we’re proud to help...

11/24/15 3:27 PM

Three Myths and Truths About The Cloud

Here are three myths-- and the truths that go with them -- to help you make a more informed decision when it’s time for your business to jump into this rapidly-expanding technology: