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David Kramer

David has over 20 years’ experience in the design, deployment and ongoing management of cloud computing solutions and devOps and secOps processes and teams. In his role as a Service Delivery Manager for Auxis he manages a team of devOps and secOps engineers responsible for the online mobile electronics order management system of one of the largest retailers in the US. David has managed the design and deployment of over 230 enterprise scale applications for customers such as,, H&R Block online tax, and many more and has focused on the scalability and security of these applications in the public and private cloud environments and the end to end automation of these applications.
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1/22/18 10:11 AM

Implementing the "Automation of Everything" in Your Ongoing DevOps Journey

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9/13/17 3:00 PM

The DevOps Journey Begins with Governance

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8/22/17 5:01 PM

The Benefits of a DevOps Model

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