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Alvaro Prieto

Alvaro is one of Auxis’ founders and leads our IT Services Practice, including both Infrastructure Transformation and Application Integration & Development. He brings over 25 years of technology and business experience, helping CIOs across multiple industries achieve Peak Performance in their IT operations through the design and implementation of agile operating models, processes and technologies. Some of his specialties include IT Service Management (Service Catalogs, ITIL, SLAs, Financial Management), Cloud and Data Center Transformation, large Software Implementations, among many others.
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3/24/21 2:26 PM

5 IT Managed Services Trends to Boost Your Business in 2021

After the tumult of 2020, the biggest IT managed services trends of 2021 have a distinctive theme: delivering the tools IT Departments need to emerge from the pandemic as a true strategic partner for...

3/3/21 4:54 PM

The Importance of IT Service Management in 2021 and Beyond

In the post-pandemic era, substantial responsibility for business continuity and growth rests squarely on the IT organization’s shoulders. But unfortunately, IT’s traditionally unstructured,...

2/2/21 5:00 PM

8 IT Help Desk Metrics You Should Track for Optimal Performance

It’s no secret that using key performance indicators (KPIs) can help ensure optimal performance and drive innovation within an organization. Still, to this day some organizations struggle with what...

7/22/20 3:27 PM

Adapting to The Post-Pandemic Distributed Workforce

IT organizations must accelerate their efforts to become more scalable, agile, proactive and forward-thinking in order to adequately support the distributed workforce at scale. They need to consider...

3/10/20 11:04 AM

Generate Peak Performance with DevOps Cross-Functional Teams

Nowadays, DevOps is one of the hottest buzzwords in the IT industry. It's the new standard of how IT companies can produce excellent outcomes in a faster, more natural way. By combining the benefits...

3/6/20 9:14 AM

IT Outsourcing: The Why, the What, and the How

It’s possible for a company today to outsource just about any IT operation. But businesses have different budgets, priorities and objectives, which means they vary widely in what IT processes they...

3/4/20 10:44 AM

Selecting the Right Help Desk Outsourcing Partner

When a company chooses to outsource its IT help desk, it must take care to investigate providers completely. Things that look attractive on the surface -- like cheap level-one ticket servicing, for...

12/5/19 9:49 AM

Service Consistency for our IT Managed Services Clients with ITIL4

Auxis has grown over the years, so have the needs, demands, and expectations of its clients. We believe that it’s imperative that aligning IT services with the needs of our client’s business should...

10/30/19 1:31 PM

IT Outsourcing Cost Savings: Facts You Need to Know

Auxis has seen tremendous success in recent years while helping American companies outsource their IT Operations to Latin America. Enterprises that capitalize on this modern business model have...

9/12/19 3:54 PM

Why Is IT Process Design so Important?

Why well-designed processes don’t limit IT’s abilities, they enhance them Thoughtfully-designed processes are an essential part of any successful enterprise – streamlining tasks and making sure...

7/10/19 2:45 PM

Why Cybersecurity is a New Priority for CFOs

No business wants to become the next data breach poster child. And companies are right to be concerned: in 2018, data breaches cost American businesses an average of $7.91 million – significantly...

6/13/19 9:30 AM

IT Labor Cost Savings Report: NYC vs. Costa Rica

CIOs and IT executives in New York are struggling to keep up with the mounting pressure of developing business strategies, identifying new areas for growth, and driving profitability while...

6/5/19 3:52 PM

DevOps Cross-Functional Teams: 7 Tips for High-Performance

Let’s face it, if you’re in IT, then you know that DevOps is one the hottest buzzwords in the IT space – and it’s quickly emerging as the new standard for how IT organizations can produce excellent...

4/8/19 4:23 PM

How to Improve your IT Help Desk Performance?

8 characteristics of high-performance service desks driving productivity, efficiencies, and cost savings.

6/7/17 9:00 AM

Solving the IT Talent Shortage – Define your Core and Leverage Outsourcing

Today, any CIO can tell you that one of their biggest concerns is the growing lack of IT talent in the market.  With the massive uptick in cloud and mobility in industries across the board, the...

5/17/17 12:00 PM

Top 6 Help Desk Outsourcing Benefits: Why you should Consider It

Help desk outsourcing has become more popular. Why? Should you Outsource your Help Desk? While help desk services are essential for businesses of all sizes, operating one in-house is essentially a...

5/16/17 4:56 PM

4 Tips to Move to a Consumption-Based IT Model

In today's cloudy and mobile world, people expect to be able to access what they want wherever they are on the network and from whatever device they choose. To satisfy this demand, businesses need to...

12/21/16 5:10 PM

How IT Outsourcing Can Relieve Today's Restaurant Industry Struggles

If you have ever worked in a restaurant or owned one, you are probably well aware of the fact that profit margins can be extremely low.

11/9/16 11:15 AM

Keys to a Successful Cloud Strategy

If the cloud is not on your roadmap, it should be. While server sales are falling flat, the cloud market is booming. In fact, Gartner predicts that the worldwide public cloud market alone will grow...

11/8/16 8:33 AM

Unlocking Hidden Value in Your IT Operations to Fund Digital Transformation

In today's cloudy and hyper-connected world, IT executives are being tasked to do more in the face of ever-shrinking IT budgets.