About us

About us

Grow Your Business

Auxis works with senior executives to identify areas of improvement within their organization, helping them adapt and compete more effectively in the ever-changing business economy.

We’re a very different consulting and outsourcing firm comprised of former industry professionals who don’t act like traditional consultants. Offering a customized, “real world,” results-oriented approach, we become engrained in our clients’ culture and vision and truly dedicated to their success.

Our depth of experience allows us to operate under a very different leverage model and maintain a focus on customization, flexibility and bottom line results at a very competitive cost structure. Whether in Finance & Accounting, IT, Supply Chain or any back office operation, Auxis creates and implements strategies to streamline any area and improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Our Origins

Auxis’ founders met in the 1990s while successfully implementing a multi-year, business transformation project for the Latin America beverages division of PepsiCo. Through their experiences with PepsiCo and other employers, they identified a genuine need for a new approach to helping companies achieve breakthrough performance. After planning Auxis out of their living rooms for over one year, they pulled the corporate ripcord and took the plunge in May 1997.

Throughout the years, Auxis has served over 300 companies and built a unique business model that empowers quality, long term relationships with our clients.  During this time, we have successfully helped clients weather some very volatile times, including the Year 2000 technology panic, the bursting of the “dot com” bubble, the post 9/11 economic downturn, rapid globalization and the Great Recession.  Using our unique consulting and outsourcing model, we take a hands-on, multi-disciplined approach that enables us to deliver practical, robust and scalable solutions to generate superior business performance.