Responding to COVID-19 through Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare

Learn how Healthcare organizations are leveraging RPA in response to the pandemic



The need for process automation had never been greater

Every industry across the world is getting impacted one way or the other with the COVID-19 outbreak. Healthcare organizations in particular are experiencing drastic shifts in demand as they are challenged with the need to provide prompt support to an overwhelming number of patients. These unprecedented circumstances translate into significant issues in the front and back office operations, including long response times, documentation backlogs, supply chain bottlenecks, and employee burden and absenteeism.

In order to mitigate these challenges, healthcare organizations around the world are accelerating the adoption of process automation technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate multiple time-sensitive, high-volume, manual activities to speed up response times to patients, vendors and employees.

Real-World RPA Use Cases in Healthcare

Use cases of RPA in the healthcare industry vary from patient-facing processes to back office functions such as Accounts Payable in Finance & Accounting or Employee Onboarding & Terminations in HR.
Together with our partner UiPath, we’ve consolidated multiple COVID-19 related case studies to provide real-world examples of how organizations are using automation to respond to these drastic shifts in demand:



Auxis RPA in Healthcare Success Story

Learn how Auxis Helped a $2.4B healthcare organization achieve 66% touchless AP automation with
a combination of UiPath RPA and Ephesoft Intelligent Data capture tools. 

How Auxis can help

One of the great things about RPA when compared to other traditional IT implementations is that it’s a non-intrusive, easy-to-implement technology that can be deployed in a few hours, days, or weeks, depending on the complexity of the process being automated. 
Our purpose is to help you get the technology up and running with the most critical robots for your operation as fast as possible, by helping you:


Group 20202

Identify the right
processes to automate


Group 20207

Design and build
the robots


Group 20205

Provide ongoing
support & maintenance

Partnering with UiPath, the #1 RPA platform in the industry

We partner with UiPath, the #1 RPA platform, to bring you the best automation capabilities available in the industry. UiPath is fully committed in helping the healthcare sector fight COVID-19, and as such, is offering a series of incentives including free licensing and professional hours:


Free UiPath Licensing Program

  • Any UiPath Attended Robots deployed in a surge capacity to respond to COVID-19 by the healthcare community are available at no cost. Healthcare field workers and agents that require an immediate capacity uplift can deploy UiPath Attended Robots at no charge through September 30, 2020. 

  • The UiPath Professional Services team will provide up to 3 hours of remote technical development support or coaching related to any development efforts for automations that support the response of COVID-19. 

  • UiPath Academy is also available as a free training resource for your own employees, as well as your clients’ employees. Those who are shifting to remote work can still take advantage of on-demand courses to develop their automation skills and earn their professional certifications. 

  • UiPath Automation Hub, a highly collaborative tool that enables an entire workforce to submit and vote on automation ideas, is now available at no cost for one year. UiPath Automation Hub is typically leveraged by organizations that already have a large and expanding automation program. UiPath Task Capture, which enables users to quickly document processes, is also bundled with Automation Hub at no cost through April 30, 2020

Other Intelligent Automation Partners

In addition to RPA, we bring expertise in other key automation tools including Intelligent Data Capture technologies, workflow and financial close management:

Leverage our Nearshore Business
Process Delivery Center in Costa Rica

Sometimes automation is not the answer for every problem in your front and back office. Sometimes you just need a reliable, talented workforce to continue processing your transactions and running your operation timely, accurately and cost-effectively.

If your team is strained, consider leveraging our 10+ years of Business Process Outsourcing experience in Costa Rica, the #1 nearshore destination for organizations in the Americas. We bring a highly educated, multilingual workforce already equipped to work 100% remotely to support you in:

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    • Finance & Accounting
    • Purchase to Pay (AP)
    • Order To Cash (AR)
    • Record To Report (General Accounting)
    • Customer Service
    • HR Support 
    • Help Desk
    • NOC Monitoring
    • Data Center & Cloud Operations
    • Healthcare specific back office services including medical billing, medical coding and claims processing.


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