5 Fundamentals To Getting the Most Value From Your IT Investment

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In today’s business environment, the management of Information Technology functions has become a true challenge for most organizations as IT has increased in complexity.

Most executives have straightforward expectations for their business systems and technology infrastructure: IT functions are supposed to work well, do what they’re designed to do, and be available when you need them.

By following the 5 Fundamentals of IT Management, you can establish and maintain an IT organization that provides the value and performance that your business needs.

Topics Covered:

  • What does your IT organization require for it to be proactive, flexible, and reliable?
  • Why should IT run like a business, and what prevents this from happening?
  • How can IT work alongside your business?
  • How do you measure and track IT performance?
  • What does “IT is supposed to work” truly mean for your business?

the five fundamentals