Once an acquisition closes, the day-to-day integration work begins. At this stage, strong Project Management is an absolute requirement to ensure that the strategic plans developed are being implemented. But project management is not all that is required. Often, there needs to be “boots on the ground” at the organization actually performing many of the integration-related tasks – rather than just managing and reporting on them to management.

At the core, Auxis consultants know how to not only manage (PMO) but also implement integration actions within their clients organizational structure. Often, Auxis will act as an extension of our client’s organization, doing what is required to ensure that the integration is running on schedule and challenges, as they arise, are dealt with effectively.  The following graphic details the various levels of our involvement during an integration:

Post-Merger Integration (PMO & Tactical Workstream Support)

As the final aspect to the acquisition, implementation is the culmination of an intensive, strategic effort. Maintaining laser focus on the integration to realize the strategic objectives is the ultimate priority for Auxis.