Nearshoring to Latin America:
Why Costa Rica is the Premier Alternative

Finance, IT, Customer Service and more

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Wednesday November 6th, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm ET


Even for the largest U.S-based companies, the challenges of managing an Asia-based offshore model can be daunting given the constraints of time, resources and proximity. As a result, over the past decade, Latin America has emerged as a preferred Shared Services & Outsourcing destination to support North America, with Costa Rica being the major player given its great English skills, strong tax incentives, educational system and political stability.

What did these companies know about Costa Rica that most did not?

Considering that the Costa Rican government estimates that the amount of Shared Service Centers in the country to now be over fifty, the chances of this trend slowing down any time soon appear to be slim. How can other companies take advantage of all that Costa Rica has to offer?

Join us for this unique opportunity to find out why nearshore outsourcing to Latin America is the next big thing and why a lot of companies are looking to Costa Rica in particular, when considering Latin America as an outsourcing destination.

Key Topics for Discussion

  • What are the primary drivers that position Latin America as an emerging destination for US back-office operations? 

  • Why is Costa Rica considered the premier nearshore alternative in the region? How does it compare to other nearshore (e.g. Colombia, Mexico) and offshore locations (e.g. India, Philippines) when it comes to cost, quality and more?

  • What are the most common functions being migrated to Costa Rica? And what others are emerging? 

  • What are the pros and cons of setting up a Captive Shared Services in the country versus going through a BPO or ITO provider? 

  • What should you expect in terms of labor savings when moving your back office to Costa Rica? 


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Eric Liebross

Head of BPO Operations & Performance Improvement at Auxis

Eric Liebross, Sr. VP at Auxis, leads Auxis’ Back Office Optimization practice including Finance Transformation, Shared Services, Robotics Process Automation, and Nearshore Outsourcing.  Eric brings over 25 years of experience helping organizations modernize and achieve peak performance in their back office operations to become more scalable, innovative, and strategic oriented. Eric’s clients consistently benefit from real-world, practical perspectives to realize tangible business outcomes, including significant cost savings and attractive paybacks. He brings expertise in multiple industries including manufacturing, consumer goods, retail, hospitality, transportation, and others.


Cortney Dominguez

Former VP of Finance Operations at World Fuel

Cortney Dominguez is a senior executive with experience in leading digital transformation efforts. She is currently a Vice President at World Fuel Services, headquartered in Doral, FL.  She has held various positions within WFS over the past 14 years and currently has oversight of several teams which are deploying smart automation and artificial intelligence solutions for the company.  She is passionate about smart automation technology and how it will change the way work is performed.

When it comes to her experience with outsourcing to Costa Rica, the high level of satisfaction that WFS experienced not only with their automation initiatives but also with the caliber of the talent recruited there? spurred them to expand their Shared Service Center in San Jose beyond accounting operations and into areas such as Legal, HR, Internal Audits, and IT Development.

Due to the success attained outsourcing to Costa Rica, they currently have 12 robots and 37 processes implemented and are also working on OCR initiatives, and AI for certain processes such as customer credit analysis, and pricing analysis to find opportunities to improve their margins.


Ana María Romero Montoya

Lead Corporate Services at Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency 

Ana María Romero has worked for CINDE, the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency, for eleven years.

In that time, she has advised companies in the medical, retail, and manufacturing industry on their location strategy for service type operations. Her role has focused on helping them make the right decisions regarding Foreign Direct Investment projects. This included: Advisory support for multinational companies on their assessment process for a location in the Americas, as well as on their establishment process, coordinating with government officials in areas related to local regulations, Free Trade Zone Regime, red tape, Real Estate, and talent. 

Ana María graduated from marketing at the Wesford Business School in Grenoble France and has an international relations degree at the Universidad Latina in Costa Rica; she has a Master's degree in Trade and International Markets at ULEAD in Costa Rica.

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