Modernizing Your Finance Operations

Why you can’t afford to wait



Join our Webinar on:
Wednesday July 31st, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Eric Liebross, Senior VP at Auxis

The role of the CFO is rapidly evolving from a traditional focus on reporting and controls to becoming a true business partner. 63% of CFOs agree that within 3 years  the majority of their team’s time will be spent on analysis, prediction, and decision support rather than accounting, reporting, and compliance.

The real question is…. How do you get there?

Key Takeaways

  • What are the key components of a TRUE modern finance department
  • How to transition your reporting capabilities from static and looking backwards to real-time, proactive analytics to meet the demanding expectations of your business users
  • Why CFOs are relooking at Shared Services & Outsourcing to drive value and what does it take to make it right
    • Captive vs. hybrid models
    • Destination options – onshore, nearshore and offshore
    • Business case & implementation approach
  • How is RPA different from traditional IT implementation projects - What benefits can you expect and how do you get started
    • RPA real-world examples within F&A
    • Expected ROI & payback
    • Key RPA softwares and advantages of UiPath
    • Proven implementation approach
  • How to deal with low levels of unemployment in the US while retaining your top talent and upscaling their skills to meet the needs of a modern finance organization


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Eric Liebross, Senior VP at Auxis

Eric Liebross, Sr. VP at Auxis, leads Auxis’ Back Office Optimization practice including Finance Transformation, Shared Services, Robotics Process Automation, and Nearshore Outsourcing.  Eric brings over 25 years of experience helping organizations modernize and achieve peak performance in their back office operations to become more scalable, innovative, and strategic oriented. Eric’s clients consistently benefit from real-world, practical perspectives to realize tangible business outcomes, including significant cost savings and attractive paybacks. He brings expertise in multiple industries including manufacturing, consumer goods, retail, hospitality, transportation, and others.


Angela Tise, Regional Director at CFO

Angela Tise is National Membership Chair and Northeast Regional Director for The CFO Leadership Council.  She is an experienced manager who strives to improve and insure overall membership quality. In addition, on a national level, she supports our financial executives with our uniquely designed members-only Problem Solving Forums and Ask The Expert webcasts.