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Gartner predicts that 60% of IT leaders will continue to face public cloud cost overruns through 2024 as they struggle with complex and fast-changing cloud pricing, little organizational insight into what impacts costs, and the ability of business units to spin up cloud services with little or no accountability.

Auxis maintains deep, up-to-date expertise with the leading cloud platforms as a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner. Our unique perspective as both advisor and outsourcing operator helps our clients to obtain real benefits and ROI from every engagement.

Schedule a free consultation today and discover how we have tailored our Azure Cloud Services to assist your organization in adopting and operating your Azure environment successfully. Whether you are at the early stages of your cloud adoption program or have already migrated.

What will be cover in the consultation:

  • Your current cloud environment and areas of interest
  • Features being used vs. the full potential of the cloud
  • Cloud cost optimization
  • Security best practices
  • The advantages of Auxis’ 24x7 Cloud Managed Services model

Why Auxis Azure Cloud Services?

Align your Azure cloud strategy with business objectives to create a compelling, cost-effective target.

Business Driven

25 years of experience converting
legacy systems into modern, efficient, and scalable enterprise environment.

Technical Expertise

Ready to deploy highly skilled DevOps teams.

Automation Driven

Proven track record on
managing cloud-native applications and products.

Cloud Expertise

Define a strong process and governance foundation for your Azure cloud operations and investments.

Process Experts

Cost-effective & convenient delivery platform from Costa Rica, the #1 Nearshore destination.

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