An effective security strategy is no longer a “nice to have”, but a key requirement for every organization in today’s complex technology ecosystem. With over 20 years of IT consulting and operations experience, Auxis brings practical and proven security solutions to organizations of all sizes.

Utilizing best-in-class products, governance and services, Auxis has helped hundreds of organizations to design, implement and operate a holistic security strategy for their internal infrastructure and cloud operations, while growing their business. One of our key differentiators is that we can monitor and operate your security environments via our 24x7x365 nearshore Security Operations Center (SOC).

Auxis provides a comprehensive offering of security solutions to enable your organization to design, deploy and manage your IT security needs. Our IT security experts not only serve as consultants, but as day-to-day operators with real hands-on experience.

Our Solutions

Security and Risk Assesments

Security & Risk Management Assessments

Security Infrastructure Design

Security Infrastructure Design

Security Infrastructure Implementations

Security Infrastructure Implementations

Security Operations Management

Security Operations Management

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Cloud Security:

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