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    Webinar Series Part 2: Diving into RPA

    Recorded: November 09, 2017
    Presenter: Eric Liebross

    View part 1: RPA 101:Getting Your Feet Wet

    In this webinar, we continue with an in-depth discussion on implementing RPA. Watch now to learn more about:

    • How to effectively identify, evaluate and prioritize the RPA opportunities in your organization?
    • Who are the major software vendor providers in the market? How do they compare?
    • What are the new skills and capabilities needed to implement and support RPA?
    • What are your deployment model options? - internally vs. robotics as a service
    • How to embrace your workforce?

    Below is a copy of the presentation slides which you can download here. Feel free to share this on LinkedIn with any of your colleagues who may be interested in the topic:

     If you’re interested in a free RPA consultation with Eric Liebross or have any questions on this topic, please feel free to email him at