Auxis Webinar Series

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    Webinar Series Part 1: RPA 101 - Getting Your Feet Wet 

    Recorded: October 04, 2017
    Presenter: Eric Liebross

    View part 2: Diving into RPA

    In this webinar, Eric Liebross, Auxis SVP of Back Office Optimization, kicks off the first session of our Robotics Process Automation (RPA) series with an introduction to RPA.

    Here’s an overview of what was covered:

    • Why RPA?
    • What is RPA and what benefits can you expect from it?
    • What are some real-world RPA applications?
    • Live RPA Demo and Case Study
    • What does it take to implement RPA?

    Below is a copy of the presentation slides which you can download here. Feel free to share this on LinkedIn with any of your colleagues who may be interested in the topic:

    If you’re interested in a free RPA consultation with Eric Liebross or have any questions on this topic, please feel free to email him at