Key Learnings from Auxis' 2018 State of RPA Report

11/8/18 3:42 PM

As most of our readers are aware by now, during the past three years Robotics Process Automation (RPA) has emerged as one of the leading technologies in the market for organizations of all industries and sizes.

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5 Lessons Learned from Implementing and Operating RPA

6/15/18 4:36 PM

Implementing RPA solutions has allowed many organizations to see some very powerful results.  In this blog, I will highlight some of the key “lessons learned” from implementing and operating RPA solutions. They are based on our experience in working with both our internal operations as well as with external clients.

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After the Hype is Over, What does Amazon's Purchase of Whole Foods really mean to the Struggling Retail Industry?

6/28/17 2:50 PM

 There’s been a lot of hype during the last two weeks around Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods. Just when you thought that the traditional retail industry couldn't be in a more serious state of upheaval, e-commerce and cloud pioneer Amazon announced its plan to purchase the high-end grocery store chain Whole Foods for $13.7 billion - it's largest acquisition ever. It would be an understatement to say that this deal will only have serious implications for the future of grocery stores, as it’s going to impact the future of the retail industry as a whole. Disruption and innovation are nothing new for Amazon, in fact, it's what the company is a master of. It's just another spur (and a sharp one) for retailers to get moving on new strategies to be able to survive in today's rapidly changing and hyper-competitive world of commerce.

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When Innovation is a Four Letter Word: Keys to Innovative Leadership

3/20/17 2:52 PM

Recently, I was meeting with a client after performing an assessment on their back office operations. Unfortunately, the assessment highlighted a number of areas where the company was significantly under-performing when compared to industry benchmarks. The company’s head of the shared services organization sat stiffly as I, as gently as possible, relayed the details of our assessment and proposed major changes to their organization.

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If It Ain’t Broke Enough, Live With It. Or, Stop Tolerating Ho-Hum Operational Performance

9/22/16 3:33 PM

A recent study published by Auxis, A Deeper Exploration of Shared Services in Latin America, provides some insights into the opportunities for performance improvement that exist in Shared Service Centers.

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