11/8/16 7:44 AM

Omnichannel Optimization: Aligning Technology with Business Processes

In an increasingly omnichannel world, customers have a wide variety of channels to choose from when making purchases. Thanks to Amazon and other ecommerce innovators, those same customers also expect to receive their purchases almost instantaneously, regardless of what channel they are accessing. To illustrate this change in demand, a recent report by Technavio estimates that the market for same-day delivery in the US will hit $987 million by 2019.  Today's customers are also increasingly opting for the buy online and pick up in-store option, with 82 percent of respondents of a recent Temando survey stating so.

10/19/16 11:31 AM

The Myth of the Millennials

 I recently attended a conference on shared services, and throughout the 3 days, there were multiple sessions focused on the millennial workforce: hiring them, motivating them, retaining them, and developing them. 

9/22/16 3:33 PM

If It Ain’t Broke Enough, Live With It. Or,Improve your Operational Performance

A recent study published by Auxis, A Deeper Exploration of Shared Services in Latin America, provides some insights into the opportunities for performance improvement that exist in Shared Service Centers.

9/21/16 1:56 PM

New Business Technologies (RPA! Cloud Solutions!) The Future is Here? Not so Fast…

It seems like you can’t log into the Internet without being bombarded with proclamations about new business technologies solutions that are streamlining and improving back office processing across the globe.  Apparently, Skynet isn’t only planning the destruction of mankind; it’s also processing and paying your invoices.

9/20/16 3:59 PM

Optimizing Back Office Operations in Latin America

 Latin America is rich in opportunities, from growing market reach to rationalizing operating costs, but these opportunities are not exempt from related challenges.

9/19/16 3:12 PM

Improve Profitability by Understanding Your Cost to Serve

Latin America is rich in opportunities, from growing market reach to rationalizing operating costs, but these opportunities are not exempt from related challenges.

9/7/16 12:22 PM

2016 Conference Recap: 10th Annual Shared Services & Outsourcing Week LatAm

Auxis CEO, Raul Vega chaired the 10th Annual Shared Services and Outsourcing Week Latin America from August 22nd to August 24th in Coconut Grove, FL.

8/18/16 12:54 PM

Leveraging Technology in Latin America

 Latin America is rich in opportunities, from growing market reach to rationalizing operating costs, but these opportunities are not exempt from related challenges.

8/17/16 4:43 PM

Improve Working Capital by Paying Attention to Your Inventory

 Latin America is rich in opportunities, from growing market reach to rationalizing operating costs, but it is a region that also presents challenges.

8/16/16 4:07 PM

How to Run Your IT Like a Business

Technology is at the heart of everything your business does, even if you don’t realize it.  In fact, in just the last minute, there were over 149 million emails sent, 66,600 Tumblr posts, 431,000 Tweets, 125,940 Skype calls, 43,000 Instagram uploads and over three million Google searches amounting to over two million GB of internet traffic.

8/15/16 4:30 PM

The Big Secret (That Larger Companies Know) Of Back Office Efficiency

In my previous blog post, I let you in on the “big secret” that larger enterprises use to help them get more value out of their back office operations.

8/13/16 4:45 PM

Location, Location, Location: Is the Nearshore Option Right for You?

When companies begin to develop their Global Business Services (“GBS”) strategy, the first question that typically comes up is, “What locations will provide the most value?”

8/11/16 11:18 AM

Managing Complexity in Latin America

 The complexity of any organization’s operating model is heavily influenced by the environment in which it conducts business.

8/5/16 4:32 PM

Do Middle Market Companies Really Have the Time to Spend on Lower Value Work?

Mid-market enterprises (MMEs) are like the Rodney Dangerfield of the business world, “They don’t get no respect!

8/1/16 1:06 PM

Building a Strong Outsourcing Operation: The Customer Perspective

 As an experienced service provider, we think we understand what makes a good outsourcing operation. We focus on service levels, customer service, managing cost and attrition, and profitability.

7/31/16 5:30 AM

Auxis CEO to Chair 10th Annual Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Latin America

 Industry leader Raul Vega set to serve for second consecutive year as Chairperson for 10th Annual Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Latin America, August 22-24, 2016, in Miami FT. LAUDERDALE, FL (PRWEB) AUGUST 1, 2016

7/29/16 1:25 PM

The SLA's: A Tool for Supplier Management, Performance Improvement or Both?

According to Deloitte’s annual Global Outsourcing and Insourcing Survey, the biggest concern of companies considering outsourcing is their ability to effectively manage supplier performance.

7/27/16 11:46 AM

Are You Achieving the Expected Cost Savings from Outsourcing?


Key Steps for Understanding the “Real” Business Case

7/24/16 10:56 AM

A Quick Look at Common Help Desk problems and solutions

It’s one thing to have to wait in long hold queues when you’re calling your cable company for help desk services, but quite another when you’re being asked to hold from within your own company.Overworked and overwhelmed help desk staff can create a headache for employees at all levels of your corporation, while those unnecessary wait times waste valuable work hours. Some companies might simply hire more help desk staff, but the problems tend to run much deeper than personnel only. In fact, the situations that create help desk challenges are complex and can’t be easily cured by simply adding more people.

7/22/16 4:08 PM

5 Pressing Issues Confronting Multinationals in Latin America

Latin America presents a plethora of opportunities for Multinationals, from market development on a region with an aggregate GDP in excess of five trillion USD, to manufacturing, to supply chain management, to back office operations in a lower cost environment; but it is not free of challenges. It is one of the most complex regions in the world to do business in. Take taxes for example. According to a recent survey by Doing Business  from the World Bank, it takes on average 478 hours a year to prepare tax returns in Latin America versus 177 in the high income countries and 186 in the U.S.