Chidi Alams

Head of IT and Information Security, Heartland Automotive Services

“Having a partner like Auxis who can effectively take on IT operations gives me the capacity to spend more time on understanding both the tactical and strategic needs of the business.”

Floris Kleijn

Chief Information Officer, Unilode Aviation Solutions

“With Auxis now handling the day to day IT operations, it’s freed up a lot of time for us to step out of the weeds and focus on how we take our organization from good to great”

Joe Harber

CIO, Applica Consumer Products

“The culture of Auxis is always: Do what they say they will do and deliver the solution”

Michael D. Stebel

COO, QQ Solutions

“They immediately reduced management overhead… we started to be able to sleep at night.”


Barbara Gomez

Controller, PepsiCo Latin America Beverages

“Auxis has proven capability, talent, knowledge, and insight to help drive any organization. I would definitely recommend them…”

John Ollet

Executive VP of Finance, TigerDirect

“There is no doubt that Auxis is a true business partner. The ability for me to take on challenges that I normally wouldn’t is based on my relationship and confidence in Auxis”

James Dugan

Executive Vice President, Shoes for Crews

“We actually saw our service levels improve by 35% in our e-commerce channels because of the great service that Auxis provides to our customers…Auxis is a trusted business partner that places a high priority on world class service and providing value to our customers.”


Eduard Roosli

President Latin America/Australia New Zealand, Spectrum Brands

“From planning through execution and conclusion of the project, they are a great partner”


Antonio Baez

Regional Administration Director, Americas

“We chose Auxis because there was something very unique about them. Many consulting firms talk about what makes them different but very few deliver what they promise. Auxis has been a loyal travel companion, not a consultant. Since the beginning, they have been deeply involved in the project and have taken it on as if it was their own. They gave us the same dedication and attention when we were small as they do now that we are about to launch our RPA initiatives broadly across all the Americas and the globe.”

More Testimonials

John Ollet Executive VP of Finance, TigerDirect

“Auxis has become an excellent partner for our company. We were initially skeptical, having previously tried to outsource some of our accounting functions, without success. Auxis brought the expertise and flexibility to deliver a custom outsourcing solution resulting in improved efficiencies that exceeded our expectations.”

Barbara Gomez CFO, Latin America Beverages at Pepsico

“Auxis’ commitment, accountability and personal, hands-on approach was refreshing. It was very clear that their team was concerned about OUR success. Auxis completely earned our trust and respect.”

Terry Polistina CEO, Applica Consumer Products

“This was the largest project Applica had ever tackled and failure was not an option. We were replacing 15 years of processes, legacy system development, and integration in a span of two years. Auxis’ project leadership, structured approach, partner mentality, and advocacy on behalf of Applica during this entire process were extremely valuable to us.”

Andre Teixeira EVP & CFO, The Graham Companies

“We are very excited about renewing our long term relationship with Auxis. Since originally partnering with Auxis in 2002 to manage our IT function, our IT capital expenditures have dropped approximately 25%, while the process discipline and customer service and support have increased substantially. This has enabled us to focus on the companies’ resources on our core business and not worry about being technology experts.”

Michael Stebel Chief Operating Officer of QQ Solutions

“We selected Auxis to be our managed services provider as they best met our requirements to provide 24/7/365 monitoring, maintenance, and support for our data center, which provides thousands of insurance agencies with agency management and comparative rating software as a service. With the addition of Auxis, we have now greatly enhanced our IT operational capabilities and can be even more responsive to our customers. We are now delivering to our customers an even higher level of performance, reliability, systems availability, and scalability.”

Mark Koschny SVP of Sales & Marketing, AmeriServe Food Distribution, Inc.

“I can say that the difference with Auxis is the people. Everyone we worked with at Auxis took the time to understand the project, the needs, the requests, and the problems. They understood our business and never talked above our heads and were not the disciple of management theory. They were very understandable. We worked with many of the executives from Auxis as well, and I can say that they get their hands dirty, and are directly involved in implementation, not just making a recommendation. From my standpoint, the benefits we experienced were a direct result of the experience of the consultants having lived our situation. Having worked as a Big Five consultant myself, I can say that I saw only 25% of the recommendations ever implemented. That was not the case with Auxis. Auxis consultants assigned to our engagement were able to take our work and outsource it. We did not lose control but gained business knowledge that would not have been possible on our own and through hiring our people. Auxis was more concerned about AmeriServe’s goals than in making a profit… We did not get shortchanged.”

Richard Becker Managing Director of Cross Keys Capital LLC

“It was December 23rd and we had an emergency IT situation with an unknown cause and a $40 million dollar live-deal on the line. Auxis came highly recommended as someone with the rare combination of systems and accounting who would rise to the specific challenges of our situation. They certainly did, and their persistence, can-do attitude, and willingness to constantly turn over every rock was simply amazing. We work with a lot of professional service firms and advisors, and no other group has ever shown us more enthusiasm and professionalism in finding an answer to a difficult set of challenges. Auxis never focused on the fee, the day of the week, the holiday their personnel was missing, etc. They remained solely focused on doing what was right and finding answers. I will always be indebted to Auxis for our January closing.”

John H. Molloy Head of Asset Securitization, Fleet Securities, Inc.

“The professionals at Auxis possess a unique blend of finance, accounting, information systems, and business process improvement skills – critical areas that impact a business and its ability to execute against its growth objectives. We found this expertise to be invaluable to our transaction and execution process, which again has benefited our clients. We are very selective in the partners we choose as they interact directly with our clients and could affect our relationships. Without exception, Auxis has had a positive impact on our relationship with our clients. I highly recommend Auxis, Inc. to any organization especially one considering a firm to provide management and information technology solutions.”

Julianne D. Chester Grants Admin of FL DHSMV

“I found Auxis to be highly capable, competent and easy to work with. They delivered all services on time and maintained open communication with us throughout the project. The project manager did an outstanding job and made my job easier. I relied on him to carry the ball and make the project happen in a short time. He and the team came through! I have managed many contracts for various professional services, and I must say, this was the most pleasant experience I have ever had. You can count on Auxis to work with you and deliver superior quality service and products.”

Frank Villasante President & Founder, HSA

“As the founder and president of a $40 million MRO, I’m no stranger to hard work to get things done. But when I found myself in a serious crisis regarding my financial reporting system, and when we just kept spinning our wheels in trying to resolve it, thankfully, we were introduced to AUXIS at just the right moment. The Auxis team made themselves available immediately and worked nights, weekends, and even holidays to meet a critical reporting deadline. In only three weeks, they were able to completely diagnose and solve the issue. I could not be more pleased with the outcome of their work and whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone in a similar situation.”

Charles O’Malley CFO, POMTOC

“When I first assumed the senior financial executive role at POMTOC I quickly learned that we had some major internal processes that were not performing efficiently. In discussing these issues with Auxis, I realized their team had an exceptional understanding of business processes and the underlying back office software. Auxis designed and developed a custom, integrated solution that created very efficient invoicing for our high volume of transactions. A process that took three or four staff members daily was reduced to one person needing less than two hours.”