AUXIS is a world-class management consulting & outsourcing firm with a very unique approach. We help senior executives and their teams become more competitive in their industries by improving efficiency and reducing costs.



Serving over 350 of the most respected corporations in the world

$ 1.1

Helped our clients by creating more efficient processes, increase revenue, and save an estimated combined $1.1 BILLION

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“There is no doubt that Auxis is a true business partner. The ability for me to take on challenges that I normally wouldn’t is based on my relationship and confidence in Auxis”
–  John Ollet, Executive VP of Finance, TigerDirect

Strategies for Building an Effective Global Business Services (GBS) Operating Model

Cloud Security: Move to The Cloud With Less Risk

Auxis Perspectives

Outsourcing 101: A Guide For First Time Outsourcers

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Outsourcing

Client Success Stories

TigerDirect Saves 35% in Back Office Operations with Auxis’ Nearshore BPO Solution

Auxis Cloud Design Solution Uncovers 30% Cost Savings for $1.75B Global Leader of Timeshare Resorts

Nearshore: A Better Alternative

Costa Rica Center of Excellence

Central time zone & quick direct flights

Highest educated workforce in LatAm

#1 nearshore destination

Multinational business hub

“Silicon Valley of LatAm”

“Americanized” multi-lingual culture with outstanding English fluency

Ranked #1 in safety

Our Leadership Team

The innovation of the Auxis leadership team, along with their unique combination of practical business knowledge and information technology expertise, enables Auxis and its clients to prepare for what’s next on the business horizon.

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